Friday, January 11, 2013


I remember the day I fell in love with music like it was yesterday (which it wasn't btw), I was 11 and my best friend and I were playing a game of monopoly when all of a sudden, he says "Hey dude, have you ever heard of Linkin Park?" Ignorant as I was to the world of rhythm and beats I told him that no I hadn't. Excitedly he grabbed a CD (Hybrid Theory ofc), and proceeded to insert it into his stereo system. As Papercut came on I became mesmerized. Suffice to say that I still love every single song off of Hybrid Theory. Since that fateful day I have become sort of a music fanatic. However, my tastes have evolved considerably, thanks to the intensive travelling that is part of my life. Blogging never really crossed my mind until all my friends started asking me for my tunes to the point where I was sending them links through e-mails daily! One day while talking to a very special person to me, I was told that I should start a blog and spread all this awesome music that I find, so here we are. I would never have done this without her so this is my dedication, even though I can't write her name.

I don't prefer any one type of genre instead I love good music (None of that Miley Cyrus/Justin Bieber shit on here!). This is a blog that spreads music worth listening to, music that will move you physically and emotionally. There is a song out there that you are just waiting to fall in love with and the purpose of this blog is to introduce the two of you!

So without further ado, here is a song that deserves to be heard everywhere. More on the artists that made these incredible songs will follow in the next post, for now just enjoy the music! After all that is what this blog is all about.
The above songs are just a preview of what this blog has to offer, so give them a listen and if possible support the artists who make such wonderful music in an industry that is choked with shit. I realize that this kind of music may not be everyone's cup of tea but this is MY cup of tea and you are all invited to the tea party.

PS: These songs were not made by me nor do I own them in any way. I simply spread the love :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful music, I loved all